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Star of Bethlehem Quilt - ca. 1835

Short Stories

National Quilting Day!

Found Sketches

Quilt Stories


Inspiration from "Page 44"

Wordy 30

Created With Love

Talented & Thoughtful - Friends

Button Art

Button Project - a work in progress

A New Work Table

Fabric Search

Signature Square

The Tuffet

Our Quilts Are Label-Worthy

Good Tidings


​​Feathered Nest Collection



Inch-by -Inch

Button Project - Update


Construction Drop Cloth


Buttoning Up 2020!

Colorful Projects

National Handwriting Day




Quilting Space - flooring

Hankies & Buttons

"This & That" on a Rainy Day

Vintage Finds


Animal Pouches - Made with Love

Quilt Collector - Ken Burns

Historic Bequest of Nearly 3,000 Quilts

Java & A Cuppa

Susan Hudson - honoring her ancestors

Rita's Quilt - update

National Quilt Day 2020

Sewing & Quilting Today

Making Face Masks

Amish Community Makes Face Masks for Ohio Clinic in Need

Sewing Machine Tables Repurposed

Whimsical Coastal Art

Using Our Creativity

Loving Threads

Sew Happy

Just What Was Needed

Sampler Quilt

Jelly Roll & Buttons


365 Project - Complete!

An Unfinished Quilt Top

Faith Ringgold Self-Portrait

Tentmakers of Cairo

IGQuiltFest Photo Challenge

Week 2: IGQuiltFest

Week 3: IGQuiltFest

Week 4: IGQuiltFest

Week 5: IGQuiltFest

Free Vintage Images

Short Stories

Wood Scrap Quilts

Needles, Bobbins, 'Dignity' & More


National Camera Day

Independence Day 2019

Virtues of Home

Autographs Quilt

"Quilts and Verses"

Friendship Stitches

"You Complete Me" Quilt

"Summer Colors"

"Quilting in the Garden" - quilt show

Autumn Breeze

Colorful Challenge


Veterans Day

Rita's Quilt

Rita's Quilt - States & Stars

The AIDS Memorial Quilt

Featherweight Cookie Cutter

Barn Quilts


365 Project - buttons and stitches

Quilt Top & an Antique Find

365 Project - Day 35

Antique Quilts

Google Doodle


365 Project - Day 90

The Old Quilt


Weekend Projects & Day 126

2018 and Thank You!

A Cloak for a Fairy

365 Project - Day 154

Recovering Lost Quilts

4th of July

365 Project - Day 210

Classic Car Blocks

365 Project - Day 217 & Documenting Your Quilts

Harmonic Convergence

National Sewing Month & Day 245

Coloring Pages

Mythical & Magical

Woodquilter & Day 265

Mended Leaves


Veteran's Day

365 Project - Day 322

365 Project - Day 336 & Quilt Stitching

At Last!


New Year - Happiness!

One Monthly Goal - January 2017

January's OMG - finished

Hearts for February

One Monthly Goal - February 2017

Free Use: The Met's Artworks

Quilt Pattern Inspirations at The Met

February's OMG - finished

One Monthly Goal - March 2017

Sewing Machine Art - From The Met

Thimble Voted Out

National Quilting Day

Remembering The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

OMG - March complete

One Monthly Goal - April 2017

Spring - Peace & Revive

April's OMG - finished

Chair Yoga

One Monthly Goal - May 2017

Crafty Book Swap

Good Quilting Communication

Memorial Day History

May's OMG - finished

One Monthly Goal - June 2017

"Women Sewing" by Henri Lebasque

Quilted Coats for 2017

Vintage Button Cards

"Thank You" Banner

"4" Harvey Quilts

One Monthly Goal - November 2017

Taking Time to Volunteer

November OMG - finished

One Monthly Goal - December 2017

Fabric Images with Susan Carlson



National Handwriting Day - January 23

Project Lunus - February 20

Third Saturday in March

Tools of the Trade

Vintage Patchwork Cloth

An Unexpected Find

"Hundreds of Ideas Piling Skyward" (HIPS)

Olive's Sunbonnet

Vintage Wood Thread Spools

Blogger's Quilt Festival - 2016

Creative Quotations

Quilting Rhymes & Poetry

Get Out The Vote

Holiday Ornaments

Wish List

Furry Overseer of Quilt Making

Our Little Tree

Holly's Quilt


​​Je t'aime Paris - Pillow (and Quilt)

National Sewing Month

Measuring Up - A Handy Tool

We Can Do This Together

The Quilt from Gingercake

"Reimaging" Magazines to Inspire Fabric Art

When do you sew?


When I Grow Up

Sharing a Passion

Paper Piecing

1911-2011: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire



38,000 Pieces

Cape Buffalo

Their Gift of Love

Quilt Festivals & Shows

Lost Heroes

Favorite Things

New Zealand

Ebola Design Challenge

Road Trip - With Quilts

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