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National Handwriting Day

National Handwriting Day is an unofficial holiday that celebrates and commemorates the practice of handwriting with a pen or pencil. This holiday falls on January 23rd each year – the date commemorates the birth anniversary of John Hancock (the first person to sign the American Declaration of Independence).

From the website: Handwriting is the act of writing by hand using an instrument such as a pen, pencil or brush. It is thought that a person's handwriting is as unique as his or her fingerprint - no two people have the same writing style or handwriting. Because of this, handwriting is often used by many forensic experts and historians to test the authenticity of documents.

Today was the perfect day to take time to write thank you notes to friends who have sent me buttons of various sizes, shapes and colors. Having just received eight buttons from Marilyn, I set them out and thanked her for providing support and inspiration for my year-long creative project.

When I completed that heartwarming task, I then went online to begin the search to replace some special handwriting fabrics that I had collected over many years. I will have fun finding different cursive fabrics to help build a new stash. Starting small, as space is so limited, and finishing quilting projects to enable me to move onto the next one - that is how I am beginning the year.

Lacefield Designs SCRIPT LINEN is a lovely print on beige flax cotton, which lends texture and depth to this fun yet sophisticated fabric. Just pops against the white background! Suitable for furniture upholstery, pillows, window treatments, duvet covers, room dividers, headboards, and other upholstered design elements.

Friendship and positive-themed words, quotes, and phrases in various black fonts arranged across a white background with hearts, flowers, and more patterns. When it comes to choosing a backing, you've got to have options! You'll get just that with this collection of 108" Quilt Backs, featuring vines, large dots, even geometric designs!

New Modern Background Paper fabric line by Zen Chic is great for a modern background for your next quilt. This has script writing that will make a unique background on a quilt. Newsprint fabric / Handwriting Fabric.

The two fabrics (shown above) are part of a favorite summer cover-up that I had packed in a go-bag. I still think the fabric colors and the red roses, scattered randomly, have a romantic feel. Whenever I wear it, someone invariably tries to read the text. It is what we, in the typesetting field, called "greeking", Better known as Lorem ipsum: a placeholder text commonly used in the graphic, print, and publishing industries for previewing layouts and visual mockups.


If you’re passionate about the art of a handwritten letter, you may wish to consider joining The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society. The group offers “a way to bring together people who love to write and receive handwritten letters, and to stop them from becoming a lost art. The hope is that handwritten letters will go on forever and ever.” What a lovely mission!

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