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Timeless Lace for Warm Quilts IMG_7185.jpg


by Esther Elaine

Something borrowed, something blue...I remember it like it was yesterday. My mother-in-law asked me if I would like to use one of her heirloom hankies on my wedding day. I cherished it for 38 years until it was lost in a wildfire. Gone were the dozens of lace and embroidered hankies I had collected over the years --- to become a hankie quilt one day. Gone, too, was the lace table runner we purchased in Burano, Italy (just months before the fire); the intricate tri-color floral doily purchased years ago at a Louisiana Mardi Gras celebration; a family heirloom lace coverlet that a great aunt passed down from her wedding day; my wedding gown, and favorite feminine tatted pieces. May this collection bring you sweet memories from the past.

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