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Found Sketches

I unpacked a box and found a quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman that I purchased over a year ago. I recall wanting to change the pom-pom rows and found my replacement pattern sketches. The variety of blocks will go between the horizontal sashing strips that border the top and bottom of the quilt.

An assortment of colorful fabric was recommended in the instructions.

So, I doodled - nothing intricate - just simple, random shapes to signify a different fabric pattern.

It looks like I've narrowed the 4.5" blocks down to 14 different fabrics. Doesn't it feel good when our doodles / sketches make sense?

Discovering the pattern and thumbing through my doodles was the perfect find on a rainy day. 

From the Harvard Health Blog: Have you ever found yourself listening to something really boring, then wafting off into your own mind, your hand scribbling random things on a piece of paper in front of you? Whether it's a conference call or a tedious lecture, being all ears can be a challenge when your hands want to be a part of the moment. Nobody is immune to this either. Even American presidents have found themselves sketching away: 26 of 44 American Presidents doodled, from Theodore Roosevelt, who doodled animals and children, to Ronald Reagan, who doodled cowboys and football players, and John F. Kennedy, who doodled dominoes. Traditionally, we have thought of these doodles as a sign of distraction — an indication that your mind was not where it was supposed to be. Yet, recent research has shown that doodling is not an enemy of attention; it may in fact be a friend. READ MORE

"For me, the joy of doing it is doodling when I want to. But if I had to do it, I'd lose the joy." ~Matthew Ashford

Do you pick up a pencil and doodle when you are nervous, bored, or just feeling creative? How effective has doodling or sketching been in your quilt practice?

P.S. - I will show Elizabeth Hartman's quilt pattern when the quilt is completed and presented to my sweet friend.

Thank you for stopping by.


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