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Just What Was Needed

A Warm and Colorful Quilt

We met in an empty parking lot - you know, social distancing with our masks on. Exchanging mail from the office and a quick catch-up. She brought another bag of clothes for me to try on and keep, or to pass along to someone else in need.

Before she left, there was one more item in her car that she brought - with two stipulations. One, that I not cry when she give it to me. And, two, that I return it when we were finished using it.

The bag was placed on the back seat of my car. As I held back tears, we gave each other a virtual hug. We drove to the stop light around the corner, each giving an 'until-I-see-you-again' goodbye wave. She turned right and I turned left. As promised, there were no tears on the drive home, just an overwhelming feeling of FRIENDSHIP and THANKS for the kindest gift.

"Gifts celebrate a spirit of generosity. The very nature of giving a gift requires thinking of other people before ourselves and taking the time to select something we know the other person will enjoy. Thoughtful gifting forces a shift from merely talking about the things we hold to be important to actually showing it through acts of generosity."

From Think Splendid

When I returned 'home', my husband and I unfolded the multi-colored quilt. He instantly recognized the Trip Around The World pattern - the same as our guest room quilt that was lost in the recent fire. We kept unfolding the quilt and when we placed it on the king size bed - it fit!

Replacing the condo-white-comforter (in our temporary bedroom) with Wendy's vibrant quilt was just what we needed. In so many ways, the transformation was instant and uplifting.

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