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"Quilting in the Garden" - quilt show

Quilting in the Garden 2019 was held this weekend in Livermore, California. Attendees were invited to "be inspired by 250+ quilts hanging from majestic oak trees, meet well-known quilters & shop specialty vendors."

Quilt #180: "Wedding Ring Blues" by Sue Rasmussen ($350).

From their website: Alden Lane Nursery is proud to present two featured artists this year at Quilting in the GardenSue Rasmussen & Nancy Brown. Some of you may know Nancy from when she visited Alden Lane before to teach a class. We look forward to enjoying these talented quilters unique styles.

Featured Artist SUE RASMUSSEN:

Sue Rasmussen’s quilts inspire us to stretch beyond traditional quilting with colorful landscape and pictorial designs that have been paper or machine pieced. Her designs often feature animals, landscapes, or people. She likes to take classics such as flying geese and give them a twist, and her intricate machine quilting will leave you in awe. 71 of Sue's quilts are on display.

Guest Artist NANCY BROWN:

Whether wild or domesticated, Nancy Brown’s quilts are incredible portraits of her animal subjects finished with hand appliqué. She focuses on animals because she feels they are important parts of this world and should be celebrated and preserved for future generations to witness. Even her Baltimore album quilts feature friends from the Animal Kingdom! 18 of Nancy's quilts are on display.

Classes featured:

> Twin Sisters Lisa Norton & Lora Zmak who have been sewing since they were young. As artists, it wasn’t long before the girls were making their own unique patterns and designs now known and loved as Material Girlfriends.

> Jennifer Sampou brings with her a brand new book - hot off the presses this month! Ombre Quilts - 6 Colorful Projects. Super fun and full of ombre magic.

Special Guests included:

> Alex Anderson’s personal mission is not only to share her love of quilting with anyone who will listen, but to educate and encourage those interested in quilting as clearly and simply as possible, so quilting can continue to be handed down from generation to generation.

> Maya Torngren is a quilter, an author and a storyteller. Attendees were invited to take a minute to chat with her about her incredible life story: Maya: The Story of a German War Bride.

Although quite breezy, the weather did not take away any enjoyment of wandering around the special setting to see the lovely quilts. A bit challenging to take photos but here are few that were snapped as the winds cooperated:

"Sienna Burst" by Thera Papa (three of her quilts were on display).

"Eat Your Veggies!" by Charlotte McConkie

Quilt #210: "Cliff Maids" by Sue Rasmussen. The colorful quilt next to it: "Chain Link" by Joey Connolly (with three quilts entered).

Quilt #208: "Ue lele komo Dolphin - Dolphin Jumping" ($250) by Sue Rasmussen. Quilt #57: "The Turtles" by Yasuko Motooka. Quilt #182: "Where Are My Slippers?" by Sue Rasmussen. Quilt #203: "Got Your Back Bro!" by Sue Rasmussen. Quilt #204: "Geraniums" by Sue Rasmussen.

Quilt #8: "Senoritas" by Sandi daRoza (with three quilts entered). Quilt #22: "Eclectic Friendships" by Jan Scrutton. Quilt #109: "Margo's Doll House" by Joey Connolly (with three quilts entered). Quilt #55: "Sienna Burst" by Thera Papa (with three quilts entered).

Several kits were also available through various vendors and quilt guilds:

A special thanks to Amador Valley Quilt Guild for their interactive booth. Their successful and fun program “Budding Beginners” began at the Alden Lane “Quilt in the Garden Show” seven years ago. Each year AVQ makes up kits of fusible appliqué and 9-patch blocks to teach any new quilters a little bit about quilting. AVQ members help the guest sew the block and explain how a quilt sandwich is made and can be quilted or tied. My girlfriends and I each came home with a fusible appliquéd quilt block.


I so wish I were there! I love quilt shows. And outdoors in California?!  What an honor for the quilters who were invited to be featured artists at such a special event and with so many beautiful quilts.  Mary M. 10/11/2019

It was a special treat to attend the quilt show, assembled in such a beautiful and unique setting, Mary. It would be fun to find other outdoor quilt shows like Great Petaluma Quilt Show (California - typically held in October) or the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (Oregon - always held the 2nd Saturday in July).

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