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A friend called and asked me to make a giraffe quilt on the day that the recipient was at the hospital, in labor. With no giraffe fabric in my stash, there simply wasn't enough time to make and complete a quilt. I asked if a themed pillow would work and she suggested blue, yellow and light brown . . .

The giraffe photo that I used was one that I took on a trip to Africa. This curious calf lowered its head to get a better look at us while we were parked. I added "Peeking in on Little Rowen" to the corner and they absolutely loved the pillow.

I added a photo sleeve on the back so that the new mom could place an updated photo there from time to time. A fabric covered frame of plastic canvas worked nicely.

What creative idea have you implemented, at the last minute, that was a successful substitute for the initial project?

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