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Hankies & Buttons

I have begun collecting embroidered, tatted and lace-edged, vintage handkerchiefs again. Time will tell if I am able to find any from favorite travel destinations. These will replace the large number that I had originally saved to make a queen sized quilt.

Lori's "Small Town Country Fair" post at Humble Quilts caught my eye. I've been working on a 365 button-a-day project and continue to receive some beautiful and unique buttons from the kindness of friends, colleagues and strangers. I will have an abundance of extra buttons when I finish adding my 365th button to my embroidery hoop canvas.

Looking at the photos in Lori's post, I was encouraged to see how beautifully the various sized embroidery work (pillow cases and hankies) can be pieced together. The clever use of buttons, to tie the quilt, is something that I will try to incorporate into my hanky project.

I have been inspired to keep collecting and use the extra buttons from new found friend's generosity to complete two projects. Special thanks to Lori for the inspiration!


And, the buttons keep coming - thank you, thank you all.

The latest surprise was a bag full of metal buttons from Rochelle. She said she spent time at a recent expo and sorted through a vendor's collection. She liked this selection of buttons the best.

Then, last week, Gail presented me with this unlikely trio of buttons. I just love hearing the stories of special buttons that come my way.

The tactile silvery button was from one of her first sewing projects - a patchwork jacket. It's long gone but she saved her favorite buttons from that project and shared one with me.

She doesn't know where the coppery grape leaf button came from but decided it needed to go on my embroidery canvas.

I'll treasure the Mickey Mouse button that she took off a threadbare garment that her mother gave her long ago.

The button photos were taken on recently purchased fabric called "Effervescence" (design #17061) Amelia Caruso for Robert Kaufman. states that effervescence Originally it meant "the action of boiling up," but it has also come to mean "lively," such as the effervescence of someone who has energy and charisma. There is a lot of energy in the colorful circles and I liked the graduated effect of the bubble pattern.

Where are you getting your creative inspiration from these days?

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