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"Summer Colors"

Labor Day, the end of summer (sigh!) and the recent full moon; I was hoping for a gigantic harvest moon and a few short weeks of summertime weather before the season officially changes.

In case you missed it, Nancy Noël has released a renewed painting in her Amish Collection, titled "Summer Colors."

From her recent blog post:

Every once in a while, I will revisit a particular subject to see how I would paint it today.

Recently a California collector asked to purchase one of my Amish/Quilt paintings.

Since most of the Amish originals have been sold, I agreed to revisit their favorite subject.

The result is this new painting, titled SUMMER COLORS.

Many thanks to my California friends for their inspiration!

I hope you enjoy this new creation and how my style has evolved.

Cherish your summer days.

Love to all, Nancy

If it's been a while since you've seen The Art of N.A. Noël, I invite you to take a leisurely scroll through her exquisite collections.

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