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Sewing & Quilting Today

Today is Saturday, March 21, 2020:


With the ongoing quarantine, sheltering in our sewing rooms, studios - in our creative spaces - those are the best places to be today.

Like you, I have received dozens of updates from e-newsletters, quilt shops, fabric outlets, local and national stores - many with offers of home delivery, curb-side pick-up, and virtual class instructions (to name a few) - all keeping us informed and connected.

Several offering free downloads with pattern instructions, discounted rates on classes or free artwork: The graphic below is from Cherry Berry Quilts:

Kelly Rae Roberts included in yesterday's blog, this message and image:

"My continued prayer and hope is that we show up – for ourselves and for each other – in ways that are deeply grounded, aligned with our values, and full of kindness and trust. We belong to one another, and . . ."

And, a slightly different kind of quilt but a special story about the Trout Statue for Dennis:

With these words from Ashley Hackshaw's latest blog post:

"We will be okay but it’s going to be painful. The corona virus spread is catastrophic to such a small town that is dependent on tourism. Stay safe and healthy my friends…that’s the most important thing right now. Do not lose heart. There will be hope on the other side and we will learn how to navigate as we go. Keep checking in with your friends and neighbors. Be as patient and kind as possible."


My project today is's Blueberry Pie - a log cabin variation pattern. Different blocks are sewn together using the fast and easy log cabin method.

My National Quilt Day project. Blueberry Pie is two-toned. I've been cutting 2.5" strips of fabric from my stash. The goal is that it will be a two-toned, colorful mix of light and dark patterned prints. Time will tell if the finished quilt resembles Blueberry Pie's inspired look.

I hope that you are joining in on today's National Quilting Day project challenge. Even if we aren't able to sew and quilt in one large space, we'll be working on our projects . . . together.

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