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Buttoning Up 2020!

When I was first asked if I would be creating another 365-Day Button Project, my immediate answer was "no, I don't think so." The embroidery hoop full of colorful buttons and fancy stitches, and my button collection were all lost in the fire. (you can read about the original project here)

I finally warmed up to the idea and said that I would work on a new challenge in the coming year. My sister put the word out to her friends. I also let a few friends know that I was collecting buttons for the new project.

The single buttons came from dear friends and family, helping to provide inspiration and sending in many lovely shapes and styles. The first four came from a women's group that I am part of.

I added a button to this group and started collecting them in a small, decorative mason jar.

Next came the bright red hearts and stars - from my sister. She said she was collecting others. When I saw the hearts, I decided that I would begin the project with one.

Friends of my sister, and strangers were sending buttons. Various sized buttons from Cindy arrived. I noted there were a few with shanks that will allow me to easily layer the buttons when I run out of room on the embroidery hoop.

Sarah, from Ontario, Canada, sent a Christmas card with a green button.

The creative Christmas wreath is from Nancy, in Hawaii.

Sparkles from Sherman Oaks! These are Country Sunshine buttons.

A great color selection of multi-sized buttons came from east coast Mary.

Char sent a package with hundreds of colorful, wooden, and unique buttons - even a few micro buttons. There were so many buttons that the mason jar was overflowing.

I pulled a vase from the shelf and started separating small buttons to the mason jar and larger buttons in the vase.

The "Best Wishes!" greeting came from Germany. Gertrude wrote, "I chose it, because one side is dark, the other one shines. These are my wishes for your sister: After the sadness there might be glorious days again!"

Overflowing button containers and an overwhelming heart filled with gratitude - that pretty well describes how it feels around here. I am so appreciative to everyone for reaching out and taking the time to send one, a few, or . . .

a pound of buttons from Texas! Thank you, Heather!

I received this precious bag of buttons from Rochelle . . .

this special collection will add sophistication to colorful vignettes on my fabric canvas.

I marveled how Karin, from Germany, sent the cutest buttons that matched her colorful stamps.

Gail's deep teal and bright orange buttons are large and will allow room for micro buttons underneath.

I am hoping that Vivian had these cards in her stash of buttons and didn't go out to purchase all of them. Either way, I thank her, too, for each and every one.

Special thanks to my sister for networking and asking friends to send a button for my project. It sounds like everyone that she asked did send something. Each contribution will be added to the embroidery hoop art project with many, many thanks.

As we turn the page of the calendar to 2021, let me know if you will be working on a New Year's project. I will post periodic updates of my 365-Day Button Project and wish you well on your project(s). Again, my heartfelt thanks to those who have reached out, sent over a button (or two or more!). Thank you so much for the inspiration, encouragement and friendship. My very best to you in the coming year!


My trusty Featherweight is getting a workout and handling things quite well. This weekend, I plan on finishing a quilt top that I've been working on. It feels great to have a small sewing space, and some time to sew.

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