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Featherweight Cookie Cutter

While baking has become a holiday tradition for us, I haven't assembled a Cookie Day / Bake Day for girlfriends in several years. Later in the month, my husband will play Santa and deliver home-baked cookies, sometimes preserves or items canned in the summer, or even a small gift to several neighbors.

I saw these cookies online and thought this would be the perfect place to share. Although I won't be baking these in December, it will be enjoyable to have some on hand the next time a few of us get together to sew and quilt.

From the Featherweight Shop website:

Share the love of Singer Featherweights with a Featherweight Sugar Cookie! Not just any old generic sewing machine shape, but this cookie cutter has the distinct outline of a Singer Featherweight, specially designed by the Featherweight Shop.

A perfect way to celebrate the beloved Singer 221 and 222 models we have all come to love and enjoy - sewing many quilts, crafts and even apparel. As you know, the Singer Featherweight has its groupy fun, bake a batch of cookies for the next sew day with friends, a quilt guild meeting or retreat, or even give as a gift to your secret pal. Or purchase several and tie each cookie cutter with red and green ric ran to decorate your Christmas tree!

Each cookie cutter includes recipes from the special recipe box of Susan Butler, a fellow Featherweight friend from Texas: Sugar Cookies, Buttercream Icing and Royal Icing (for intricate decorating). Black plastic cookie cutter measures 3.25" high by 4.75" wide. Cookie dough recipe yields about 18 cookies.



It was hinted at during our Thanksgiving gathering last year, but the question was posed this year by dear friend's grown son, "when are we going to have a cookie day so you can show me how to create your Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Wacky Cake, too?" Several were in the kitchen when he asked and all turned toward me, waiting for a response.

I did not make the Wacky Cake for our gathering this year. Instead I made a dairy-free Chocolate Mousse. Disappointment spread across his face that he'd have to wait a year to taste the Wacky Cake. So, I promised that before the end of December, we would get together to make cookies. And, yes, I would share the cake recipe with him, too.

We have several Thanksgiving traditions that our family and friends cherish. It looks like we may re-introduce the Cookie Day / Bake Day tradition for Christmas. I love that the holidays can be about special traditions and making more memories.


RITA'S QUILT (& Cookies)

If you have been following along on Rita's Quilt, here are a couple of photos from #RITASQUILT-a-thon. The sewing group is constructing the quilt now. But first, a look at cookies created by @sarahtafelsky

And, Rita's Quilt:

Plus, an update: The Kelly Clarkson show will be coming to Chicago to film the quilting bee. As is the CBS Nightly News. Shannon has also been contacted by a film studio that is interested in making a documentary.

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