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Recent, one-on-one, lunches on the patio have been just the perfect pick-me-ups that my girlfriends and I realized we each needed. After newsy catch-ups on families, friends, what we're reading, and the dozens of other topics that occupy our free time, we did a check-in to see how we were really doing...

Topics included: a daughter's birthday and the grief experienced with her recent suicide; a health-scare crisis from actively exercising six days a week, to hobbling around because of back pain to needing a wheelchair to get to the MRI appointment (all in a matter of 10 days); one friend felt overwhelmed this summer and "just wants to be outdoors and experience nature" - her sewing machine will be waiting for her when she decides to spend more time indoors; another will schedule an appointment to discuss her weight gain in spite of a very active exercise program that includes healthy eating; how we, and other fire survivors, are managing deadlines and decisions at the two-year anniversary; one friend asked for a pre-dawn ride to the hospital so she doesn't have to worry about her husband's back surgery, and more.

It was only after we fully discussed the above items that we were able to focus on the projects that we are working on - or hope to be working on in the coming months.

Answering the call for quilts for Ukrainian refugees coming to the Northern California region, one friend has been sorting through her remnant stash and has tirelessly stitched over a dozen homemade quilts. These are truly gifts of comfort and love.

After accidentally slicing off her thumb's fingernail, and four months of healing, my girlfriend has begun quilting again. It's back to piecing the king-size quilt for her Grandson. She celebrated by sharing this photo of her new thumb guard with me.

I am overjoyed to learn that another special friend is turning a large game room (that they don't use) into her Sewing Room!

I know that this summertime project will result in the perfect space for her to spread out and create even more beautiful quilts and that she will thrive in this designated space.

"Best friends are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time."

QuiltNut Creations by Rhonda, a quilty wife and a mother to four boys, living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. From her website: I started blogging in 2006 so I could share my love of crafts with others. My first love will always be quilting but I also enjoy cardmaking, baking and photography. Blogging has opened a whole new world for me. One filled with such generosity, kindness, friendships and inspiration.

"Quilter's Blessing" comes from Annie's Craft Store. The 6"x6" panel is printed on Kona cotton: This panel features a sweet wish for your quilting friends, accentuated with fun fonts, bright colors and a quilting queen! Anchor the borders of a full quilt, center a smaller project like a pillow to provide back support in her craft room or use it to make a pocket for a new tote to take her work in progress on the go. The possibilities are endless...

The 10"x10", "Sisterhood of Quilters" panel is also available at Annie's Craft Store. This beautiful art panel is perfect for making a gift for a dear friend or fellow quilter. It features 3 women and a darling puppy all decked out and ready to start their quilting and sewing adventures!

“Accept our valued friendship And roll it up in cotton And think it not illusion Because so easily gotten."

– From the International Quilt Museum: Students at the one-room Sunnyside School, in Miami County, Ohio, presented this quilt in 1894 to their 21 year old teacher, Eli Hoke. The students whose names are embroidered on the quilt lived on farms clustered around the school’s site.

Here's a friendly reminder to start a Sewing Self-Care Ritual from staff at American Patchwork & Quilting. From their website: Sewing can provide a much-needed break from our multitasking, hurried, digital-centric lives. Slowing down and working with our hands helps to quiet some of the noise, allowing for more mindful and stress-free living.

"Constant use had not run ragged the fabric of their friendship." ~Dorothy Parker

Wishing you hope, health and healing as we maneuver through life's challenges this summer.

I encourage you to write a note, share a charm pack, send a text, make a phone call to stay connected with your friends.

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