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Furry Overseer of Quilt Making

I sent a girlfriend (who has her own special cat story) a photo of our cat watching me as I worked at my sewing machine. She thought he was so cute and called him my "furry overseer of quilt making".

For some time, he walked back and forth, from window to window, meowing and stretching up to the sill and looking intently at the window screen - as if it offered a way into my sewing room.

I sat with him outside for a while and he curled up, content to be in the sunshine. By the time I returned to my sewing machine, he was up on the chair's arm, leaning toward the window and trying to get my attention.

This slow-down weekend was perfect timing . . . I'm adding binding to a quilt (a surprise Christmas gift for a friend's daughter) and am hoping to complete it in the next few days.

I think back to the many furry overseer photos I've seen posted on dozens of blogs - photos of cats perched on a work table or shelf, curled up on a stack of fabric, stretched out on the middle of a quilt, or even a chair or ironing board. Is our little guy missing out? No, the fact is that he prefers to be outdoors - on the rare occasion he does come inside, he turns around and walks right back to the door.

And, it would be more than I could handle to have this flannel-backed quilt project and a cat on my lap at the same time.

Is your furry overseer's favorite spot somewhere inside or outdoors?


Your kitty is darling and I love the quilt you are working on!! You can never go wrong with a Kaffe quilt! Kris 12/17/2016

I will post more information on the quilt once I know it has been delivered.


I have several furry overseers and they have different preferences! The ones that use my weaving looms as jungle gyms are the most annoying (but cute!) Kerry 12/6/2016

Our neighbor had a golden retriever and two cats. Her golden was scared of the ironing board so she placed it in the doorway of her guest room so the cats could come and go and the dog would stay out of the room. Her cats used the ironing board as their jungle gym and the golden watched from the other end of the hallway. Love your "Advent, My Way #4" post - the wreath with the kitty in a red tulle tutu!

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