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Our Little Tree

We've got sounds of the season playing softly while I continue writing our many Christmas cards. Persimmon cookies are in the oven with chocolate chip cookies next up. They will be lovingly transferred to metal tins and treat bags so Santa can make deliveries to the neighbors this week.

Our little tree is displayed in the living room. I attended a holiday fundraiser and just had to bid on this handcrafted tree. The group that put the tree together each added an item - most are hand-made, or have a knit/crochet theme - I loved the crafty feel and was thrilled when the call came in that it was ours.

A couple of cute dolls with curly braids adorn the tree:

No "ugly sweaters" allowed:

It's cold outside, so remember the mittens:

Summer in New Zealand but they know that we're bundled up for winter:

I will add some quilted ornaments for next year. And, to fill in some spots, I've added a few special ornaments that we've received from friends.

The reason for the season . . .

One more tree; the more, the merrier . . .

Yes, even some girlfriend bling . . .

And, don't forget the stockings . . .

Are your stockings hung by the chimney, or at the foot of your beds awaiting Santa's arrival?

Back to the songs of the season - Rosemary Clooney singing "Snow" - Oh, to see a mountain covered with a quilt of snow . . . love it!


Your tree is simply adorable with all of the handmade ornaments. I have simplified the past ten years and only have one small tree with mostly our annual memorial ornaments for our son. All the over the top decorating got to be too much to undo, as much as I enjoyed it all I cannot face the post Christmas "undecorating"! Now I need to decide what to do with all those boxes of decorations....... Roslyn 12/26/2016

I have used ornaments to decorate packages tied with bows. I'm thinking it might be nice to wrap all as "brown paper packages" with an ornament. Every couple of years, I pull out all of our many boxes and decorate the entire house. Like you, the "un-decorating" is not my favorite thing. Precious to hear, Roslyn, that your small tree is decorated with annual memorial ornaments for your son - a loving tribute.


That's a wonderful tree and perfect for you! Your whole Christmas scene that you describe sounds absolutely lovely. Kerry 12/19/2016

My husband even agreed the tree was perfect for us!


Love your little tree and knitted ornaments! What a friendly and warm blog you have!

Sheri 12/18/2016

Thank you for your kind words, Sheri. I'm pretty new to blogging so I'm learning as we go.

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