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Inspiration from "Page 44"

I read the email again: "Page Game: Pick up a book or magazine near you and write the first complete sentence appearing on page __." I scrolled through the email and read the interesting sentences that others had posted, and even jotted down a couple of books to add to my reading list.

A few months ago, I was lovingly gifted dozens of quilting and pattern books. I sorted through each and marked pages for possible projects, and packed them away for our move. We settled into our re-built home last week and today I am sorting through items in my creative space.

As I await installation of the closet system, scheduled for next week, I recalled the Page Game email. I was able to pull a bundle of quilting books from one of the boxes and chose Page 44 to share here:

"Seam allowances are a scant 1/4" unless otherwise noted."

"You've chosen your shapes and planned your blocks." "Mark the 1/4" sewing lines on the back of each block."

"Sewing quarter-square triangle units is not difficult, but if you sew the wrong edges together you can get the color out of position."

"If you cut the fabric on the bias, add an additional layer of interfacing on top of the fusible fleece to provide extra stabilization."

"Turn the paper pattern over and fold the paper on the line between 2 and 3."

"Press the seams in the direction of the arrows, unless otherwise indicated."

"Sew together the 20" neutral strips in the order shown to make 3 strip sets."

"Assemble the quilt top by referring to the quilt layout diagram (at right)."

"Always start with an interfaced stitching sample of the same weight as the quilt project."

"Make sure the color distribution is pleasing to your eye."

"Layer, quilt, and bind as desired."

"This quilt is made from two blocks: Weathervane and Aircastle."

"I did not have a palette fabric or inspiration object to develop the color for this quilt."

"Have you ever pulled a quilt out of the laundry to find that a fabric has bled or that it has shrunk in an uneven way?"

Vermeer found a life's work in the corner of a room. ~Irwin Greenberg)

I look forward to reading through the quilting books and pulling fabric from my evolving stash to cut, assemble, piece, and create - all in the coming weeks. Now, I'll need some luck in finding my button project so I can continue with that colorful work in progress.

From the blank canvas of my studio, here's wishing you creative inspiration in the New Year!


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