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Quilt Festivals and Shows


Quilt shows provide inspiration to other quilters while allowing us a public venue to share our passion. Attendees enjoy seeing the beautiful works of art and may even be inclined to pull a forgotten quilt from a shelf or linen closet to display. Quilt Festivals and Community Shows often include workshops or special exhibits where Quilters can meet renowned experts, authors, teachers, or industry representatives and learn about current techniques or upcoming trends. I have been receiving Call For Quilts postcards and notices for the past few weeks and am looking forward to participating. An online search for upcoming Community Quilt Shows and International Quilt Festivals can lead to reviews of past quilt challenges which often feature interviews with winners, links to blog spots and e-zine pictorials. How you choose to participate at the next Quilting Event - either as an entrant, judge, volunteer, vendor, or spectator - I know that you will enjoy the experience. At which upcoming show will your quilt(s) be displayed?

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