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An Unexpected Find

I visited the Quilt Shop in search of a bright patterned fabric and found Red Lava - it will work perfectly in the Bargello & Biscuits quilt that I am working on. The gal behind the counter asked if I'd been to their sister-shop, so I wandered across the street thinking I'd find more fabrics.

The Yarn Shop had completed projects displayed that serve as beautiful inspiration to crafters and shoppers, in addition to the fascinating assortment of yarns, buttons, needles, patterns and books.

The back door was ajar and as I pushed it open, these beautiful quilts were hanging in the hallway:

These two wall hangings were displayed In the classroom:

It's simple to transform an empty wall with a splash of traditional, contemporary or whimsical wall art. And, you can change the look of a room entirely by introducing a new color scheme. At the next quilt show, be sure to check out other techniques that offer a mix of styles in fiber arts. You may see thread painting, precision piecing, use of stencils, Pixel Portraits, embellishments and much more.

Robert Shaw shares that, "modern quilt artists have taken the traditional bed quilt and are expanding its expressive possibilities using some of today's most innovative studio techniques."*

It was such a treat to stumble upon these colorful works of art. What was your most recent unexpected find?

*Quote from Robert Shaw,

The Art Quilt, Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Inc., 1997,

page 7.


Those are such bright and colorful quilts! I've been loving the idea of using quilts for wall art and have been trying to come up with a plan for a wall quilt in my house. My recent unexpected find was a quilt shop on the outskirts of my hometown that's opened only on Thursdays and Fridays. It's out in the middle of nowhere, and the directions on the shop literature include the sentence, "go past the orchard, the garden, and the chickens..." There were two shops in town that shut down, but I chose not to frequent them as they were not friendly at all (and one of them told my husband that they didn't have time to help him until "next week" when he went looking for an anniversary present for me). I was not expecting to find much at this other quilt shop, and was surprised to find that not only did they have a huge selection of batiks, traditional, and modern fabrics, the women inside were the kindest people I have ever run across in a quilt shop! They even gave me a tour of the shop just because it was my first time there! I was thrilled to find a local shop I am happy to support! Christine S. 5/23/2016

It all comes down to Customer Service, doesn't it? After your two other experiences (one where they lost a sale for your anniversary!), it is refreshing to hear that you found a new favorite quilt shop that you can support.

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