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Colorful Projects

Work continues on my 365-Day Button Project. Over the coming year, you will be seeing your colorful button(s) on my embroidery hoop canvas. A sincere thank you to everyone sending in buttons.

It's Day 17 and you can see that I've been adding a button each day.

This button caught my eye with its simplicity.

Using the blue button as inspiration, I began my project with the red heart, knowing it would be the perfect starting point for the spiral design.


I received a package in the mail with a new button challenge! While working on the border, it really helped to put together as many buttons as we could find.

We spent the weekend working on the puzzle and had fun getting it pieced together.


This afternoon, Grandmother's Buttons sent out a blog post. If you aren't familiar with them, please continue reading. They have some of the most feminine pieces of jewelry, repurposed from buttons.

From their website:

Grandmother’s Buttons is a company steeped, like a strong cup of tea, in history and story. It all started in a small, historic town in Louisiana where an industrious woman with uncommon passions built a thriving business with the help of her family and community. Her name is Susan Davis and she founded Grandmother’s Buttons in 1985 in her spare bedroom.

Susan has the energy of a whirling dervish mingled with the manners and charm of a southern belle. Her unique obsessions are the foundation of Grandmother’s Buttons’ successes. Few people on earth know more about old buttons than Susan does.

Susan’s talents and passions are moored in her family genetics. She inherited her artistic abilities from her mother and her love of collecting from her grandmother. For the women in Susan’s family, the reciprocity between their artistic talent and collecting is vigorous. (read more)


I have begun cutting the strips again for this Trip-Around-The-World quilt. I asked a dear friend if her retirement home could use a splash of color and she was thrilled to see the bright variety of fabric available. I have ordered more colors to add a wide border to this colorful quilt.

It feels wonderful to be working on these colorful projects. Being able to sit down for a few minutes each day is so relaxing. I hope that you are able to spend some time each day on a project that brings you calm.

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul." ~Wassily Kandinsky
"Listen to the color of your dreams." ~The Beatles
"Life is about using the whole box of crayons."
"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." ~Marcus Aurelius
"Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color!"

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