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"At Last"

Our dear friends were busy with family arriving and writing last-minute vows for upcoming nuptials. I was busy coordinating final wedding details and making sure that everything on the checklist was complete. I knew the bride wouldn't have time to peek here to see my latest creation - sewn from the heart.


Last week, I coordinated a girlfriend's wedding. It was a very small, romantic affair, with less than a dozen guests. She married her high school sweetheart. They have multiple marriages between them but have found true love after waiting 50 years for their paths to cross again . . . yes, to finally tie the knot.

The Tic-Tac-Toe; Xs / hearts / arrows fabric, and loving text are both "First CRUSH by Sweetwater for Moda" - Moda Fabrics. The "Winter Greetings" red fabric is by Sharla Fults for STUDIO e-fabrics.

As soon as I spotted these fabrics, I knew they would make a meaningful set of pillow cases for C&J. The blissful sentiment is a loving tribute to this special couple. Following their vows and the exchanging of rings, they danced to Etta James singing "At Last". (I've linked to this version as they plan to honeymoon in Paris.)

By now, the bride and groom have returned home from the airport. They've dropped the last of their grown children at various terminals for return holiday flights to the mid-west and east coast. My New Year's wish for them is lovely adventures and sweet dreams.



The T-Shirt Quilt top is now complete! After three evacuations and multiple times being packed in the trunk of the car, the threat of fires has passed. This week, it felt really good to be able to take the fabric and instructions out of the packed go-bag and get the sewing machine humming again.

I took time to iron the back side of the quilt top. Then, following the pattern instructions from Lisa Maki's "Tens Have It . . . everything is based on 10" squares", I began sewing the sashing. It was recommended to begin with a new needle and it stitched wonderfully. The fusible grid on the back made the weight of the fabric quite bulky but the key here was slow and steady.

The backing is ironed and ready for the quilter to assemble with batting. I'm looking forward to adding the binding and presenting Elisa with her Cal Poly Quilt - at last!


How did you do with your end-of-year projects? If you're like me, you'll take some time to clean up scraps from holiday sewing. I will post my "365 Project - Buttons & Stitches" on the first Sunday of the New Year. My best wishes to you on your creative goals, completing those WIPs and collecting more colorful fabric for your stash.


What a lovely start to 2019. And your pillow case fabric is perfect. I like the look of your quilt but I wondered why you stitched it before the wadding and backing fabric. Does it need stabilising? Looking forward to seeing your stitch and bead project completed! Happy New Year. Sarah 1/1/2019

It is so nice to hear from you, Sarah. The assembly technique for the T-Shirt quilt is to leave a slight gap between the strips of fabric, fold on the line and sew a 1/4" seam. The backing stabilizes the knit fabric and stays on the project when the batting and backing is added. It does make things a bit stiff and awkward to work with. However, everything is quite smooth and ready for quilting when the top is complete.

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