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38,000 Pieces

Have you ever counted the number of fabric pieces in your completed quilt? Or, the number of spools of thread used? I have been sewing since I was 10 years old but am relatively new to quilting. With only 29 quilts logged into my label journal, I have a long way to go to reach championship status as cited in the item below: In the 1880s, a newspaper clipping tells of a Mrs. Lola Perdue in Southern Missouri, who finished a quilt containing ten thousand pieces. Later the St. Louis Post-Dispatch tells of a Mrs. Walter Zoll, of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, who had completed a quilt that established a new world's record. The finished quilt contained twenty-one thousand, eight hundred and forty pieces. It is a unique piece of work, the small pieces being only five-eighths of an inch square. She used fifty-one spools of thread in completing her work. Later, a Poplar Bluff newspaper contained the following item: If there is an "endurance" championship for quilting, Jane Long claims it. She has made a quilt containing thirty-eight thousand pieces. When Mrs. Long heard of the quilt containing twenty-one thousand, eight hundred and forty pieces, she went to work and five months later, on her seventy-eighth birthday anniversary, she completed her quilt. She sewed it entirely by hand, using twenty spools of thread. "And not only that," she insists, "I have pieced over two hundred quilts in my time."

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