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Quilting Rhymes & Poetry

In the same way a song or fragrance can bring back a forgotten memory, poems and nursery rhymes can often evoke memories from our childhood. Many of those rhymes were about historical events or people. Some rhymes were songs. As adults, we have total recall and can recite our favorites with our eyes closed.

This small collection of quilting rhymes and poetry may not have been standards but each one tells us that a quilt can be "anything you dream" or "here and there a square of blue" and even "russet and orange, and silver and gilt". These pieces affirm (from the 1930's to modern day) that the best thing of all is a "handmade QUILT".



This quilt is made of cloth and thread

To place upon your little bed.

It’s not an heirloom – just to keep, But to lay upon as you count sheep. Or perhaps the floor’s the perfect place For a doll and teddy picnic space. This quilt can be anything you can dream – From Superman’s cape to the robe of a queen. Pretend it’s a raft adrift at sea, Or just cuddle up when you watch TV. So use it up and wear it out – I promise I won’t yell or pout. Just tell me when its days are through, And I’ll make another, just for you.

~Author Unknown


And what is life? A crazy quilt;

Sorrow and joy, and grace and guilt,

With here and there a square of blue

For some old happiness we knew;

And so the hand of time will take

The fragments of our lives and make,

Out of life's remnants, as they fall,

A thing of beauty, after all.

~From "A Crazy Quilt" poem by Douglas Malloch


Once upon a quilt,

I found creativity,

Losing myself in fabrics

fantastic colors bright or soft and soothing,

textures course or layered smooth.

I cut, piece and focus on seams

one-quarter inch perfect I stitch

so my points will meet -- exact --

tips touching -- completely absorbed.

Head bent I sew over this moment

of morning until the clock chimes --

surprised -- it's half past four

and I'm still in my Pajamas.

Rushing to dress I think of dinner.

My husband will be home and hungry

but as for me --

I am completely satisfied.

~P.Q. Gentner, November 2011


Oh, don't you remember the babes in the wood,

Who were lost and bewildered and crying for food,

And the robins who found them, thinking them dead,

Covered them over with leaves of brilliant red

And russet and orange and silver and gilt?

Well - that was the very first crazy-patch quilt!

~Flo E. Flintjer


May your treasured Fat Quarters

be colorful, plentiful, and everflowing;

May your Stitches in the Ditch

be even and straight;

And may you always be comforted

by the warmth and joy of a handmade QUILT.


Do you have a favorite Quilting Poem or Rhyme? Please add it as a "comment" below.


'Twas the night before Christmas,

And the quilts were not made.

The threads were all tangled, the cookies delayed.

The stocking weren't hung, the pantry was bare.

The poor weary Quilter, was tearing her hair.

Stacks of fat quarters, tipped over in streams.

Visions of Log Cabins, had turned into dreams.

When what to her wondering eyes should appear,

But a bus full of quilters with all of their gear.

They went straight to work with just a few mutters,

Sorting and stitching and brandishing cutters.

The patterns emerged from all of the clutter,

Like magic the fabrics arranged in a flutter.

Log Cabins, Lone Stars, Flying Geese & Bear Tracks

Each quilt was a beauty-even the backs.

Her house how it twinkled, her quilts how they glowed.

The cookies were baking, the stockings were sewed.

Their work was all done, so they folded their frames,

And packed up their needles, without giving their names.

They boarded the bus, and checked the next address.

More quilts to be made, another quilter in distress.

She heard one voice echo, as they drove out of sight,

Happy quilting to all and to all a good night!

~Author Unknown

I think it originated on the Quiltville Facebook page. - Anonymous

Thank you for sharing this holiday poem with fellow quilters!


What wonderful poems! But the quilt pictured here is one of my favorites here, too. :) - KLMarkert 11/23/2016

The quilt pictured is a photo that I took at a quilt show this summer. I loved the background color and how the yo-yos stood out. This quilt really caught my eye - an old, familiar pattern on a vibrant color. I enjoyed your Sunflowers in Kansas and especially the A.B.C.: Always Be Clicking posts.

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