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A Glad Bag of Goodies for My First Sewing Day

We find ourselves opening a drawer and not finding what we are looking for. Or, reaching in the cupboard then rummaging through another cupboard . . . remembering what we had at home is no longer here..

Our home burned in the recent California lightning fire storm. All of our belongings now fit in the trunk of my car. Replacing all of our possessions will take some time. We are taking it slow and compiling a list of lost items and purchasing things as we need them.

My sister delivered a bag of useful items. It is so like her to help out and bring just the right things. What I wasn't expecting, were the (aptly-named) Glad Bags of fat quarters and matching thread!

She also loaned me her small rotary mat and ruler until I have space to store a larger one. And, she gave me a pair of scissors that belonged to a special and talented crafter we know. More happiness as I realized I had enough items here to actually sew.

As you know, the fires are back and the smoke is too thick for anyone to be outdoors. We shelter inside, waiting for the Red Flag warning to be lifted; praying that there will be no more loss - of life, homes or businesses.

This weekend, my sewing space will be my happy place.

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