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A New Work Table

After months of searching and weeks of waiting, my work table and two stools have finally arrived and have been placed in my sewing room. I am using large plastic sliders to change the location every few days until I find the spot with the perfect balance, outside views and placement that provides creative inspiration in my work space.

I'm very thankful to the showroom manager for suggesting we place the order during the manufacturer's reduction sale - that was very helpful. From the Lexington website's description and photo: A burnished stainless top and decorative nailhead trim surround the top edge of the bistro table, complete with swivel counter stools. The mixture of materials creates a unique look, while four drawers make it highly functional. The size (36.5'' H X 41'' W X 66'' L) is large enough for any projects that are in my immediate future. On the table this weekend - slipcovers for a friend's outdoor rocking chairs and finishing a colorful quilt top.

"In the end, a table is just a table and a cabinet is just a cabinet ... the imagination, however, can be an entire world of things, and we can bring it with us everywhere we go." ~Anouk Pantovola, Dutch textile artist and doll-maker

I've also added a few personal items on the shelves in the closet space. From Pam Walton's website: Mandalas and flowers represent my desire to bring beauty and joy into the world. These images are created by collaging pieces of hand painted papers. Some of the images also use stencils. This Zen-Inspired Lotus Heart was a gift from a travel buddy and I've placed it in front of some favorite magazines.

5" Square Charm Packs have found a cozy spot in a metal tea tin. And, from Laura Loving's website: Have a little corner in need of some inspiration? Why not fill it with the queen of New York City, Miss Lady Liberty! Standing 6 inches tall to the crown and 6-1/2" to the torch, in all her swirling glory, this unique art piece can brighten any desk, shelf...

Purchased during the pandemic and packed away for our move, you see that I added the Lady Liberty Pop Block in the space on the shelf with the tea tin.

The vision and design challenge of getting back into our newly built home has been filled with learning new things and discovering various possibilities. When my husband and I first moved in together over 40 years ago, we each had accumulated items and treasures. Those were melded together to create our loving home. Losing everything in the wildfire left us with very few items and nothing left to salvage from the ashes. I remember what our home was and after our three year journey, I love seeing what it is becoming.

If you've been on a familiar journey, congratulations on making it through! If you are at the beginning of a similar challenge, remember to take it one step, one breath, one space at a time. The project won't be completed in one day or one sitting. By keeping your sights on the end goal, you will suddenly find yourself with just a few more steps to go - and crossing that finish line is what helps keep you moving forward.

Thank you for stopping by!


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