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Making Face Masks

Like you, for the last couple of weeks, I've been busy sewing face masks for others. While we've been sheltering in place, it's been assembly-line precision getting this project organized to complete dozens for donation. Below, a friend wears her kitty face mask.

My sister and I meet in a parking lot - 2 car stalls apart - with trunk popped open for the hand-off. I receive the assembled face masks in boxes.

I then finish them by sewing in 2 or 3 pleats, tying and tucking in all of the knots.

These Clover Wonder Clips have been a terrific help in forming the folded pleats.

Masks are ironed, bound, and stacked 2-3 high in the boxes for the next hand-off.

Several patterns have been used for these face masks. I know that videos and blog posts were viewed when deciding which method would work best:

Joann's - Several Accepted Healthcare Resources are listed (with patterns). Volunteers across the country are making masks. See how you can help reach the goal of donating 100 million masks.

Donna Jordan at Jordan Fabrics - answering the call for 80 reusable masks for the United States Postal Service.

Moda Fabrics - includes a well-researched listing of helpful hints.

And, Moda Fabrics ends their instructions with: "Finally, don't forget to make a couple of face masks for yourself and your family. As someone in the office said, let's pick up the thread and stop the spread."

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