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Favorite Things

Where Women Create asked readers to share photos of the most favorite item(s) in our studio, office or workspace. Looking around my studio, I determined that I have three favorite items:

Item #1 - Hanging above my work table is a vignette of treasured keepsakes from a Women's Circle of four that I am honored to belong to. We recently celebrate our 10th year together - supporting, encouraging and laughing with one another. It is our custom to routinely exchange small gifts . . . These precious items provide loving inspirations from special and creative friends. Merci beaucoup, 444

Item #2 - The centerpiece of my African vignette is the photograph of two elephants at Tarangire River Camp, in Tanzania. Each time I look at the framed photo, I remember the moment the photo was taken (an elephant to the right is just out of view), and how quickly the sun set that evening . . . Special memories captured in an instant by a very dear and talented friend. Asante sana, CSM

Item #3 - Tropical print fabric for a current project as I design, create and begin the cutting / piecing process. It is impossible for me to begin working with these lovely fabric squares without knowing who they are from . . . So, special thanks to the anonymous co-worker who lovingly placed the fabulous bundle of fabric on my desk. Thank you, Ladies My heartfelt graditude to those above who provide thoughtful encouragement, creative suggestions and generous inspiration for my quilting passion - THANK YOU! "At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." ~ Albert Schweitzer What is your favorite item in your studio, office or workspace?


I always say "Fabric is better than Flowers, if you are a Quilter." Marsha W. 11/27/2014

The variety of patterns and colors of your quilts, Marsha, are beautiful. I've always enjoyed seeing what you've been working on.


My cat CiCi is my favorite “item” because CiCi is completely declawed and therefore was never going to be safe outside… and here she is in her garden, completely safe and enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, flowers, birds, frogs, etc. etc. – exactly what a “normal” cat can do! Her life is the metaphor for my blog: CiCi’s Garden – a safe place for women. My blog is an ongoing conversation among women. I write my blog looking out into CiCi’s Garden and consider it part of my workspace. Patricia S. 11/23/2014

Quilts and cats - they just seem to go together. As I read through various quilting blogs, I often come across a photo or post about a feline. You know that if my two cats had another litter mate, she would look exactly like CiCi. I have highlighted your blog above, with a link to your "It Takes A Cat" book - a lovely collection of blogs and photos from CiCi's Garden.


"Where I Sew" is a month long celebration of the spaces we create in . . . Check out the photos and stories at Pink Chalk Studios. 11/23/2014

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