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Blogger's Quilt Festival - 2016

Spending time each week reading through quilting blogs is a great source of inspiration. There are so many talented and creative quilters (and bloggers) that share so much helpful information. I am continually amazed at the variety of topics, patterns, tutorials, videos, classes, travels and family stories that all relate to quilting. Great photos, free patterns, newsletter sign-ups, give-aways are all part of this terrific online experience.

The Blogger's Quilt Festival is hosted by Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side. This online Festival, with dozen's of sponsors, donated prizes and a "vendor's mall", showcases our quilts.

To participate and for a chance to win - check out the simple instructions, choose a category, link your post and then visit the many quilt blogs that have submitted entries. The last week of the month is reserved for voting for your favorite quilt in each category: Mini Quilts, Appliqué Quilts, Home Machine Quilted, ROYGVIB Quilts (Rainbow), Small Quilts, Art Quilts, Modern Quilts, Scrappy Quilts, Large Quilts, Hand Quilted Quilts, Original Designs and Viewer's Choice Nomination.

From Amy's website: "The Blogger’s Quilt Festival started because I wanted a place for bloggers to share their work, and be inspired by others all in one place! Having prizes and meeting fellow bloggers with similar interests made it even better. Over the 8 years that we’ve been sharing quilts this way the Festival has grown and evolved to what it is today, and my goal is to continue as long as you all keep participating! I love seeing all the quilts in one place and adding new to me blogs to my “must follow” list or pinterest boards of inspiration. With the changes that I’ve made this year, my hope is that you all will continue to enjoy the Festival here or on Instagram in the spring, and with my time freed up a little, I’ll be able to enjoy it along with you!"

Have you entered the Festival, yet? Spend some time reading through the many quilt blogs - participate, be inspired and remember to vote for your favorite quilts.

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