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Virtues of Home

These treasured cross-stitched samplers, long ago displayed in someone's home, are now for sale at a local antique depot. How special that each depicts a message of friendship.

A lovely house sampler in a cross-stitched pattern.

A welcoming sign for your houseguests.

This sampler, currently displayed in a foyer, is dated 1940.


From the current issue of Victoria Magazine, "Combining the enjoyment of cross-stitching with the nostalgic appeal of redwork embroidery, canvases printed by 2019 Artist-in-Residence Stephanie Monahan introduces this exclusive craft kit, reminiscent of antique tracery. Patterns designed by needlework reproductionist Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett allow modern hobbyists to pursue a pastime tied to genteel female instruction, creativity, and edification. Her primitive alphabet takes its inspiration from a marking sampler, which would have introduced a pupil to embroidery.

"Calling to mind stitches practiced long ago, ruby-hued floss plied on stamped fabric connects today’s needlework enthusiasts to a treasured heritage. A simply adorned quote from Jane Austen extols the virtues of home.

"The patterns shown resemble projects once considered crucial to a young lady's education. Wrought with a single strand of floss, each X offers a tangible link to cherished traditions."

Do you have a cherished sampler on display in your home?


GOOGLE DOODLE - July 19, 2019

This tribute includes an animated video detailing the journey from Earth to moon and back on the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, narrated by Astronaut Mike Collins:

A Giant Leap for Mankind . . . Celebrating 50 Years!

One virtual step for you, one giant leap into the future! See more here.

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