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Button Art

While viewing a private car collection, I was drawn to a car in the very back of the property. So many of the vintage cars in this side yard were awaiting restoration but miraculously, each had all of their various parts inside or on top of the car. It was all quite organized and the car in the back was the only splash of color in the section - that's what made the "pink panther' stand out.

What drew me to the car from a distance? The bold graphics and colors that could be seen from across the yard. The bumpers, wheels, side view mirrors, and headlight bezels were all painted too!

And, as I maneuvered myself closer to the car, I could see items glued to the metal. You can see here the various buttons used as border, filler and decoration.

With so much going on with the exterior of the car, I missed the car parts stored inside until I looked at this photo. There were an amazing amount of buttons incorporated into the artwork on the metal canvas.

A friend just shared a brightly saturated, colorful fabric that reminded me of this car. Check out "Color Collage 2 - Rainbow" by Shelley Davies for Northcott Fabrics:

Created by Shelley Davies, one of Northcott's newest talents, Color Collage offers curious collages, including the originals representing a rainbow of color including Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple. New patterns include a rainbow stripe, Black and White, Sky and Sea and Earth. Patterns representing each color are completely unique; no two are alike. Each is like an I Spy print on steroids; they draw you in for hours as you discover a multitude of curiosities in each. These prints can be used alone, in pairs or all together.

Bright colors, especially pinks, like deep fuchsia, make me happy. Several of my friends feel peaceful with their blues and a couple feel energetic with a favorite yellow. Sage, periwinkle,, tangerine, avocado, buttercup, Bordeaux - what color speaks to you most?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, give people a reason not to forget you. ~Richard Branson

It has been a busy few weeks here. Carpeting in my studio was re-installed last week. Now, we're awaiting delivery of my work table and stools. I was able to purchase a refurbished table for my Singer Featherweight at a recent Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival - it's tucked in a corner and ready for use whenever the mood strikes. Photos, mementos and artwork will go on the walls once the furniture is in place. The room still feels like a blank canvas with the only splash of color coming from the closet - all still a refreshing work in progress.

Thank you for stopping by!


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