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Sewing Machine Tables Repurposed

If you search online for Sewing Machine Tables, you will find a variety of Singer sewing machine stands that have been repurposed into bases for make-up vanities, dessert tables, kitchen islands, desks and bathroom vanities.

The trend was popular several years ago but is finding a resurgence as we look for decorating ideas (indoor and outdoor) to keep us busy during the stay-at-home quarantine.

Not all bases are converted Singer machine stands . . .

Some showcase the decorative cabinetry . . .

Others are fully functional, like this one that found the perfect niche . . .

Looking for more unique ideas? A search for "furniture" will keep you busy . . .

Today, I'll finish work on a last batch of masks then I plan to resume work on a log cabin quilt.

Here is an interesting fact during all of the mask making: a recorded phone message for Customer Service at The Singer Company warns of hold times exceeding an hour because of "an extreme increase in call volume due to COVID-19 and a need for sewing materials."

Isn't it great to hear that so many are working on creative sewing projects?

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