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Our Quilts Are Label-Worthy

The tag says it all:


Circa 1920



My friend, Lissa, said she was on a trip many years ago and bought this quilt. There was no label so she wrote down everything the shop owner told her about the quilt. She gifted the quilt to me recently; as a thank you for a large sewing project I completed for her.

The Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt is lovely. I especially like how the flower colors have been artfully chosen with a complementary calico or patterned fabric and a solid. Naturally, some of the fabrics have faded with use, but like patina on a car, the quilt overall has aged well.

There are thousands of 1-1/2" hexagons hand sewn together then hand quilted around each piece. The center of each block is a faded yellow that matches the lightly frayed binding. The circles and dotted fabric (shown above) is something that I would use in a quilt project today.

This purple block reminds me of the unforgettably fragrant lilac bush that was planted at the backyard fence, from my childhood.

The colors in this block evoke travel memories of French Polynesia - reminiscent of the papaya fruit and time spent in Moorea.

Three blocks each have a predominantly black patterned fabric - this one paired with a solid red.

And, these two using orange.

For some quiltmakers, completing the binding signifies another finished project. For me, the label is the final piece of the quilt's creative story.

So, even though this special quilt didn't come with a label, I created one that I will print on fabric and sew onto the back. Although details about the quilt are unknown, Lissa provided enough information to make this another label-worthy quilt.

"Made with love, not perfection." ~Jane Graham quilt label

My quilt labels typically include the following:

- Quilt Title

- Presented to

- Date presented

- Occasion or milestone

- Pieced by (my signature) with City/State

- Quilted by with City/State

- Hours (yes, I keep a notepad at my sewing machine and track hours choosing fabric, designing, cutting, piecing/sewing, quilting, and binding.)

- to the right of hours, I include my 'signature piece' - a bright magenta french knot

Are all of your quilts labeled? Please share your signature piece (a phrase or something that is uniquely 'you') that you include on your labels. And, as you sort through your precious quilts, consider adding a label if one is missing . . . because, I believe, all of our quilts are label-worthy.

Thank you for stopping by.


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