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Construction Drop Cloth

Light fixtures had arrived and it was suggested that I come up to the job site to confirm their room locations. I was especially excited to see the progress in my Sewing Room.

I knew the following items were complete:

Paint - Kelly-Moore’s “Texan Angel” on the walls

Closet doors - installed and looking great

✔ Baseboards - in place and ready for carpeting

I stopped at the doorway, wondering if I was seeing right. Was that really a drop cloth on the floor?!

I had to laugh - seriously, a quilt with button centers on the floor of my studio where I would be creating quilts. The guys were out to lunch so there wasn't anyone that I could ask about the stained quilt. In all fairness, they had been extremely careful to keep their tools and containers on the quilt.

I loved seeing the construction drop cloth in my studio; its first quilt, even before I had an opportunity to set up my sewing machine.

"We stitch together quilts of meaning to keep us warm and safe, with whatever patches of beauty and utility we have on hand." ~Anne Lamott

There, in a box underneath the window was the ceiling light from Visual Comfort & Company. After an exhaustive online search for the perfect ceiling light, my fixture was on-site. I had been looking for something bright and elegant that wouldn’t display a busy pattern on the ceiling or walls when illuminated.

And, in the corner, a gift from my husband last summer. We saw the Victorian light at a favorite antique shop and both agreed it belonged in my Sewing Room. It looks more intimate in the corner here than it did on the 12' ceiling of the shop.

Peeking into my retreat, I find it quite sentimental that my husband and I find these types of treasures, together.

Moving into our re-built home will be more meaningful because we're starting with special keepsakes that we've connected with, from our various outings.

We miss all of our family heirlooms; while lost, we do have their memories. And, like the construction drop cloth in my Sewing Room, we've begun creating new memories.

Now, with lighting and carpet in place, we await final inspection for occupancy - hopefully, in the next few days.

I'm wondering if you have encountered an unusual use for a tattered vintage quilt?


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