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National Handwriting Day - January 23

Research suggests:

printing letters and writing in cursive

activate different parts of the brain

Activate the creative lobe of your brain by penning a note to a friend, writing a page in a journal, or getting inspired by some text fabrics that you have in your stash. Sometimes the cursive in the pattern is a subtle part of the background, a predominant part of the design or a romantic element. Think about using text fabrics in your next quilt.

Try handwriting a label for that quilt, too. As Martingale's STITCHthis! Blog suggests: "Claim and credit your quilts." Use your fancy handwriting, simple printing, a pre-printed label or even computer generated artwork to personalize your masterpiece. And, while you're out supporting a local quilt shop, why not look for a some text fabrics, too.

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