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Sharing a Passion

My sewing room's make-over is complete and will now be called my 'studio'. It is a much more organized space - a retreat that invites inspiration and creativity to flourish. Shelving helps to eliminate the clutter of multiple quilting and sewing projects so that I can concentrate on one project at a time. Is that how quilters work, though? I'm not sure we're wired to take on one project at a time, from start-to-finish (unless on a deadline). For me, the creativity flows when I move from project to project. We know the three elements of a quilt are the pieced fabric covering + a layer of batting + a layer of backing fabric . . . but a treasured quilt is so much more. There is often a story that accompanies the design, a scrap of fabric that connects us to a loved one, a nostalgic tie to the past or simply a desire to snuggle under something warm and cozy.

Do you have a quilt that is currently stored on a shelf or hiding in a cedar chest? Why not unfold it, air it out and enjoy it! Or, dust off that old sewing machine, pull some fabric from your stash, clear some space in your 'studio' and start quilting.


I absolutely love your blog! Your words are gentle and encouraging and the photos are lovely and so YOU. Thank you! Patricia S. 11/1/2015

Thank you for stopping by, Patricia!


And such a passion it is! I have been at this since the early '80's and it still amazes me how we all connect with each other from coast to coast and ocean to ocean. Thank you for visiting earlier & leaving your kind comment on my blog. Thoughts From TaylorsOutback 11/2/2015 Yes, from coast to coast and ocean to ocean. Thank you, too - I've enjoyed reading through your blog.

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