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Button Project - Update

I appreciate you being patient for news on my 365-Day Button Project - it feels great to report that I'll be getting back on track in the next month.

As you know, the inventory of all of our personal possessions lost in the Northern California Wildfires of August 2020 took more time than we imagined. Working full-time, trying to rebuild our home and then creating a itemized inventory with date purchased, make, model, description and replacement cost, were all time-challenging. Taking 7 months to create the partial list was daunting and I made the decision to put my Button Project on hold.

Our move-in date hasn't been confirmed, but it will be in November! I will resume daily additions to my pink framed canvas once we move, and I look forward to providing updates here.

You may recall that I began with the red heart from my sister. These embroidery hoop photos were taken on June 3. My thought was to keep adding a button each day but decided at the end of the month to gather all of the buttons and pack them safely away.

I lost my extensive button collection and a previous 365-Day Button Project that was prominently displayed in my sewing room. My sister put the word out that I was starting this new project and asked friends and colleagues to send a button. Well, the buttons continue to come, with sweet notes and remembrances:

Thank you, Beate, for sending wishes and buttons from Bavaria!

Sweet encouragement from Karen in Springfield, Oregon. How did she know I'm a Leo?

This colorful selection is from Hana in the Czech Republic.

Susan, from Germany, packaged up this bundle. Those buttons with shanks really help when layering.

Jo from Phoenix, AZ shared "One of my childhood memories is sorting through my mom's button box. Please enjoy these."

Thanks to Celley, from Paderborn, Germany for her sweet note and plaid buttons.

Cheers to Samantha, from New Zealand, who shares this "Fun Fact: the lady bug buttons are left overs from a Christmas sewing project. I made a shirred sundress for my 3 year old cousin and sewed a lady bug button onto the hem. The finished result was gorgeous. I was so proud of myself and I rediscovered my love of sewing."

Clare, from Wales, shared this nautical button. Sometimes, the stickers and stamps are as colorful as the buttons that I've received.

This selection came from Fröndenberg, Germany - Danke, Rebekka.

Elan from Kenosha, Wisconsin, sent bags and bags of buttons. Then, went on to send two more with notes.

Many thanks for your kindness, Elan. And, for sharing a walk down memory lane. I appreciate you sending each and every button.

Beate, from Germany, spent time sewing these buttons onto a card. It looks like the start of a Button-A-Day Project, don't you think?

The tiny white buttons will be put to use once my 'swirl' is complete. Thanks to Alana for sending the packet of 75 buttons, from Northridge, California.

You will recognize some of Athena's buttons that have already been placed on my embroidery canvas - they were sent from Athens, Greece.

On June 30th, the buttons were safely packed away. I will resume my 365-Day Button Project after we settle into our rebuilt home.

By June 30th, there were 181 buttons added to my bright pink embroidery hoop seen above. That's three buttons shy of being halfway finished.

The royal blue button outside the hoop is the inspiration for the button layout design.

I can't wait to resume working with the colorful selection of buttons that have been sent my way and brightened my day. Thank you so much for taking the time to sort through sewing boxes and sending your special treasures. Here's hoping you recognize yours on my canvas.

“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich
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