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Vintage Patchwork Cloth

The Country Store & Cafe - "rustic yet sophisticated and full of personality and life" - is a little oasis for those traveling on the back roads of Sonoma County. From their website: "A landmark since 1895, house-made and local food products, old-fashioned toys and candy, home-wares and gifts stock store shelves decorated with vintage collectibles and distinctive antiques."

The wall hanging caught my eye as we walked to the back of the shop. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the original piece was printed in wide, colorful stripes.

Someone had meticulously cut on the lines to separate the strips, then re-positioned them to create the familiar Trip Around The World quilt pattern.

The hand-stitching reinforced the older machine stitching. A lot of time was spent on keeping the seams intact.

"Vintage Patchwork Cloth from Ghana" was written on the tag. The item was not dated but it was easy to see that it was well-loved.

Ghana - West Africa! This piece had taken it's own 'trip around the world' and was beautifully displayed indoors, at Jimtown Store, for all to see.

Where have you seen an unusual piece of fabric art or an heirloom quilt displayed?


Amazing creativity with limited resources! P.S. 5/16/2016

After my visit with you, I went back and took the close-up photos. I'm so glad we stopped by the Jimtown Store for lunch.

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