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Created With Love

My 365-Day Button Project embroidery hoop canvas, along with assorted jars and envelopes filled with buttons, are being stored in an organized closet space - in the room I now call "La Cachette". My hiding place is where I can spread out and sort through the dozens and dozens of buttons that I have received.

On February 1st, I added button number 182 and have joyfully added a button each day since. I will continue to document the addition of buttons until I reach my goal of 365 buttons.

The notes and buttons that I have received are all special and heartfelt. Nancy (in Haverstown, PA) sent buttons to my sister and wrote "your sister's situation touched my heart. Maybe this small contribution will brighten her day." Yes, Nancy - it is amazing how reading a quick note and connecting with a button can touch one's heart. Thank you so much!

I am using the smallest button sent by Rebekka (in Germany) and enjoyed her vintage postcard of la tour Eiffel.

"M" from Toronto sent this cute pink cloud button. I've already added it to my canvas.

The two blue buttons sent by Beak (in Germany) were stacked and added as well. You will see that I'll be layering more buttons so that I don't run out of room for the 165 buttons still to be added.

Alana (originally from Siberia) sent one of the largest buttons (1.75") with an amazing 9 holes. She also sent one even larger. I'm working on idea for these unique buttons.

In addition to receiving the most colorful and expansive size range of buttons, these charms were sent from Samantha (in New Zealand). The charm engraved with "created with love" brings the project full circle. After losing my vintage button collection, I hold in my heart a tremendous sense of gratitude for the loving gestures and penned thoughts from each of you. Thank you all so much for your kindness, loving support and for gifting me your treasured buttons.

Here is a look at Day 200.

Have you revived an unfinished project that has been sitting on the shelf? Feel free to share it here so we can cheer you on!


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