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IGQuiltFest Photo Challenge

March is National Quilt Month. Here is a fun photo challenge, hosted by Amy Ellis (, and posted to Instagram.

From Amy's March 1st blog post:

IGQuiltFest celebrates the many different aspects of quilting, and is a great way to get to know other quilters online. There's no pressure to post EVERYDAY but it's definitely fun to post when you have the time.

Enjoy the inspirations on her website. To participate: Add a photo to your Instagram profile based on the daily prompt. Use #IGQuiltFest in the caption of your posts and have a public profile to show up in the hashtag feed.

I don't have an Instagram account but will participate by posting weekly photos (with captions) in this space.


DAY 1 - INTRODUCTIONS with 3 random quilty things about me or my quilts

1) The first quilting class I took was to learn the techniques in making a Log Cabin quilt; 2) "We will mark our path by the trail of quilts we give away" is one of my favorite quotes - most of my quilts are donations or gifts; 3) The recipient of my latest donation "Mended Leaves" has never owned a quilt and was hoping she would be the winner of the raffle. Sometimes, wishes do come true!


My daily stitcher is the legendary Singer 401A Slant Needle Sewing Machine. My flea-market-Featherweight-find travels to classes and overnights.


My "studio" is a space that invites inspiration and creativity to flourish. Encouragement comes from some very wise shelf-sitters.

Are you participating in the IGQuiltFest Photo Challenge?

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