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Woodquilter & Day 265

The "Quilt" Pin was a gift from a co-worker. I often receive compliments when wearing it and that makes me think of GS; specifically, her love of quilting and her generous heart. She enthusiastically shares new fabrics, the newest quilting tool, techniques and tips learned at the Quilt Guild, and unveilings of finished projects before presenting them to the lucky recipient.

Pattern known as Blazing Star

From the pin's label: This original "Quilt" pin was created by Rob Nettleton. His wood patterns are produced from original American patch work quilt designs. The various wood quilt patterns are constructed by the technique of parquetry. All of the wood colors are natural, no stains, dyes, or paints are utilized. The finest lumber of the world is gathered and fashioned into a particular patchwork motif. Rob has become affectionately known as a "quilter coming out of the woodwork".

Rob & Martha Nettleton's Woodquilter Etsy shop can be found here.


365 DAY PROJECT - Buttons & Stitches - Day 265

A photo of my 365 Project - Buttons & Stitches, taken yesterday, shows orange and brown buttons adjoined. Now, all color clusters are touching. And, beginning today, we are on the 100-day countdown to the finish line at 365!

A rough count reveals that the yellow, beige and blue clusters represent 100 buttons. Does it look like there is that much space left on my canvas to fit 100 more? Larger buttons are being layered with smaller buttons - and I'm looking for even smaller buttons. Stitchwork is being covered (except for the musical notes sung by the red bird).

I am linking up with Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching - join me and check out the projects that others are working on.

A reminder about my inspiration for 2018:

Last year, I followed Ashley Hackshaw AKA Lil Blue Boo with her One Year of Stitches and Buttons - Embroidery Hoop 365 Project and Sara Barnes - Brown Paper Bag's One Year of Stitches as Seen Through One's Embroidery Hoop projects.

How is your 100-day Project or 365-day Challenge coming along?


The sight of all those glorious buttons has brought a smile to my day. So, so many beautiful buttons there. Such a fabulous idea! Kim 09/26/2018

Glad to hear it has made you smile, Kim. I will need to add more french knots and stitches to fill in the gaps on my "canvas". Keeping my fingers crossed that 100 more buttons will fit in this hoop.

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