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National Sewing Month & Day 245

September is National Sewing Month! It is a time to indulge your passion for sewing and is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the craft if you’ve never tried it before. New and experienced enthusiasts can find free sewing projects and Guidelines for sewing, embroidery, craft and appliqué articles available on the Sewing & Craft Alliance (SCA) website at

Another place to start is the American Sewing Guild. With chapters and neighborhood groups across the country, members meet monthly to share their skills and ideas, enjoy education sessions and participate in community sewing projects.


- Start a new sewing project.

- Finish an in-progress sewing project.

- Teach a family member or friend to sew.

- Take a class at your local sewing or quilt store.

- Enroll in an online class.

- Find a charity to sew for. Check with local sewing and quilt guilds for charity sewing ideas for your own community.

- Donate fabric to local sewing groups so they can continue sewing for their own charity work.

- Learn a new technique on your own sewing machine.

Sewing Mastery suggests keeping a 30-day journal of each sewing project you worked on. At the end of the month, look back over what you accomplished when you focused on making sewing a daily priority. Don't worry if you miss a few days because you are out of town. Sew on the days you ARE home.


365 DAY PROJECT - Buttons & Stitches - Day 245

With 120 more buttons and stitches to be added to my 365 Project, I am beginning to look for smaller buttons. We are approaching the final quarter of the year and as space runs low, I continue using stitches to fill in the gaps. The embroidery hoop project is getting heavier, too.

The button segments are transitioning to neighboring colors. Pinks are cozied up next to silver and blacks, with pearlized creams next to yellows.

As the color spots grow, new colors have been introduced - like the purple added about a month ago. Now, I am slowly adding browns with oranges.

Out of town for Labor Day and I missed linking up (by one day) with Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching - I've been trying to post on the first Sunday of the month. We can still check out the projects that others are working on.

A reminder about my inspiration for 2018:

Last year, I followed Ashley Hackshaw AKA Lil Blue Boo with her One Year of Stitches and Buttons - Embroidery Hoop 365 Project and Sara Barnes - Brown Paper Bag's One Year of Stitches as Seen Through One's Embroidery Hoop projects.


Whatever project you are working on this month, be sure to have fun putting needle and thread to fabric.

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