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365 Project - Day 210

My last update on the Buttons & Stitches Project was Day 182. We were packing up treasures in the house for a possible evacuation from a nearby fire. That would have been the halfway mark for progress on this artistic challenge.

I gathered up buttons into Glad Bags, put my Tudor rose needle case (a gift from the United Kingdom) in a separate bag and put it all in the trunk of the car for safe keeping. While we were not evacuated during that firestorm, with shifting winds and the enormous size, we kept things packed away for over a week.

My free time was stretched thin as caregiving skills were called into action. So, no progress on the 365 Project for another week.

On Day 202, I was able to add a series of buttons and stitches to bring the project current.

Celebrating a Birthday was cause for a recent button addition.

Layering resumes as I added a silver button, topped by a pink shank button.

Here is an up-close photo of the layering in the yellow and white section.

I've been sorting through my collection and have been careful not to add duplicate buttons. However, the pink with sparkles was added to the red cluster a few months ago. I think this one may make it into the pink cluster. The last photos I took were of additional color groupings - these are some of the smaller buttons I've been able to find.

I will try to add purple next to the green cluster (by the grape button). As I sorted through more buttons late yesterday, another fire has sparked and I can hear helicopters and planes overhead. The car has been packed, yet again, with Go Bags, quilting projects and personal items stored safely away.

My 365 Project - Buttons & Stitches will remain in the trunk of the car for a few days, until the fire crews give the 100% Containment signal. Please stay safe out there!


365 PROJECT - Buttons & Stitches - DAY 210

I am linking up with Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching - join me and check out the projects that others are working on.

A reminder about my inspiration for 2018:

Last year, I followed Ashley Hackshaw AKA Lil Blue Boo with her One Year of Stitches and Buttons - Embroidery Hoop 365 Project and Sara Barnes - Brown Paper Bag's One Year of Stitches as Seen Through One's Embroidery Hoop projects.

How are your projects coming along? Have you started any for the holidays?

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