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A Cloak for a Fairy

A fairy can occasionally be spotted on my Trip Around The World (colorwash) quilt. The 1.5"x2" rectangles were not fussy-cut so it is a special treat to see their wings and faces.

The fairy vase was a gift from a dear friend.


One morning, the fog was lifting and everything was covered with dew. I pulled to the side of the road to look at the "doilies" hanging from the bushes. Later, I found this poem and now call these small spider webs "fairy cloaks" . . .

A Cloak for a Fairy


Spider, Spider, what are you spinning? A cloak for a fairy, I'm just beginning.

What is it made of, tell me true? Threads of moonshine, pearls of dew. When will the fairy be wearing it? Tonight when the glow worms' lamps are lit.

Can I see her if I come peeping?

All good children must then be sleeping.

Mother Nature can be so inspiring, don't you agree?

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