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365 Project - Day 90

365 PROJECT - Buttons & Stitches - Day 90


My 365 day project - buttons and stitches - is one quarter complete. I have added satin stitches (in the orange button cluster above) and french knots scattered around. I now feel confident with the feather stitch (see pink & blue above). The yellow sheath stitch was time-consuming and doesn't show well. The next time I try that stitch, I will use two strands and make the stitches longer. I don't know if a hug & a kiss stitch exists, but I alternated a cross stitch and a french knot (see green above) and am pleased with the simplicity of those two stitches.

The layered red buttons are now starting to cover the musical notes and the hugs & kisses, too.

The greens are several layers high and may end up being the smallest color cluster.

The blue french knots will soon be covered by a button or two.

Surprisingly, there are several more pink flower buttons that will be added - I don't know how I have acquired so many.

And, the yellow buttons seem to be filling the space quite well.

How are you doing on your 100-day or 365-day Challenge? I will post progress again on Day 126 (the first Sunday of May).


A reminder about my inspiration for 2018:

Last year, I followed Ashley Hackshaw AKA Lil Blue Boo with her One Year of Stitches and Buttons - Embroidery Hoop 365 Project and Sara Barnes - Brown Paper Bag's One Year of Stitches as Seen Through One's Embroidery Hoop projects.

Here is my 365 Project at Day 90:

I am linking up with Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching - join me and check out the projects that others are working on.



At long last, I can begin work on a t-shirt quilt for a dear friend. At a recent Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival, I met with Lisa (at her booth) at Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs, and learned about her "On Point" fusible grid technique.

I had signed up for a t-shirt class but with routine cancellations, due to lack of interest, I knew I needed to find another method. Lisa's brochure claims the technique is fast, simple and perfect. She explained the technique to a couple of us at the show, we asked a few questions then asked her to explain again. Could it really be that simple? I purchased a kit and we'll find out!

The t-shirts and coordinating fabric have been stored in red go-bags (emergency-preparedness bags) for the past two years. I have loaded the red bags into the trunk of the car on several occasions during last year's firestorms that raged through the region.

Several quilting projects are placed in red bags and my Featherweight Sewing Machine has a red ribbon on the handle so we know what to grab in case of evacuation. Precious belongings are wrapped safely into quilts and loaded into the vehicles, too.

Do you have a technique or have you purchased a kit that you'd like to share with others? Please share the link with us here.


Love the Button and hand stitching. Cathy Tomm 4/3/2018

I'm hoping to work on more hand stitching soon, Cathy. This has been a fun project and I'm only one quarter complete. Thanks for checking on the progress.


Love your stitching combined with buttons, I haven't seen anything like it before. I think you may have invented a new stitch with your 'hugs and kisses'. Kay aka The Crafty Yak 4/2/2018

I honestly can't believe how many buttons I have, Kay. This project hasn't made much of a dent in my large button jar. I'm using the 'hugs and kisses' stitch on another project - that small size is perfect for some lettering. Your Midnight Stitching "Sampler" is coming along nicely - those pine cones, with the bright pink centers, are beautiful.

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