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Antique Quilts

Poem is from the Detroit News (1930). Photos were taken during visits to area antique shops.


In grandma's day so long ago

Quilting bees were women's passion,

Together loved to sit and sew

Patching quilts was all the fashion.

How truly lovely their design,

So close, so fine, the stitches there;

I'm sure that neither yours nor mine

With those will ever quite compare.

Each quilt a story seems to tell,

Their names a meaning carry, too;

Our thoughts on faded colors dwell,

Shades that once were bright and new.

The old "Log Cabin" - out today -

Stood wear and tear of many years;

In reverence we fold away,

Wipe from our eyes the falling tears.

The "Sunburst" and "Around the World,"

Fine "Dresden Plate" - are all quite new.

The "Morning Glory" - colors curled

Around our heart with their bright hue.

The "Flower Garden" in its place

Brings memories of French bouquet,

All wrapped around with paper lace

In lavender we lay away.

Of lovely quilts there are a score;

Just which to choose is hard to know.

Time passing brings us many more;

Our children these some day will show.

We follow where grandmother led,

And always will I humbly pray;

For when at last our lives have sped

Our grandchildren perhaps will say:

You see the quilt that grandma made,

With pride I claim it as my own.

Fond thoughts of her will never fade

Though many years have long since flown.

And now The News, first in the race,

Of many quilts a show will give,

How fine if all could win first place,

This contest will in memory live.


Work continues on my 365 Project - Buttons & Stitches. This weekend, I am adding multi-colored feather stitching to the canvas. I had to include the piece above with its feather stitches and buttons! I have seen the stitches in many family pieces and have been practicing - you will see my progress when I post it again on Day 63.

And now, quilt work is calling me back to the sewing machine. How are your projects moving along?


Those antique quilts are beautiful. I always label my quilts in the hope they will be kept and treasured when I'm long gone! Your feather stitch is beautifully even and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress soon. Sarah 2/21/2018

I am working on a thank you project and will be practicing more feather stitches. I will check on your progress in the coming days - can't wait to see how you are doing.

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