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"4" Harvey Quilts

Sending loving thoughts of hope to those in Harvey's path. I have been wanting to do something to help those affected by Hurricane / Tropical Storm Harvey. Just this morning, the following online paragraph provided inspiration:

"Between 25 and 30 percent of Harris County — home to 4.5 million people in Houston and its near suburbs — was flooded by Tuesday afternoon, according to an estimate from Jeff Lindner, a meteorologist with the county flood control district. That’s at least 444 square miles, an area six times the size of the District of Columbia."

I belong to a women's group and we call ourselves The Fours. After seeing the 444 square miles mentioned, and the red and white blanket in the photo above, I put the call out to the girlfriends . . .

This weekend, I will begin working on 4 quilts to send to Harris County. Each quilt will incorporate a heart (or hearts) and will also have a four-patch quilt block. Please let me know what color you would like me to incorporate into 'your' quilt.

Here are their creative responses:

#1: "So deeply thoughtful and not at all surprising. How about these colors for mine. Good for a boy, good for a girl, good for women, good for man. This way, there's something for everyone."

I've chosen oranges, purples and yellows for this quilt. The dahlia patterned photo serves as inspiration for the colors. I may incorporate a symmetrical pattern that appeals to all ages.

#2: "I am thinking of the color of Peace. Archangel Michael is a warrior of Peace and carries a blue flame, so maybe mine is a bold, yet soft, peaceful blue, with red, Love - bold and warm, yet soft as well. Maybe they are waves together, waves of Peace, intertwined."

This quilt will be predominately blue. I see the white swirls similar to blue flames, but more as torchlights in the night - helping people find their way. The floral fabric is tiny and peaceful. And, I have a red heart fabric somewhere in my stash that will help to add more color.

#3: "What a lovely/generous thing to do! In mine put sky blue (no rain!) and white for fluffy clouds (no rain clouds!). And gold for sunny days (to recover and dry out)."

The softest blue in my stash has butterflies - representing powerful transformations of endurance, change, hope and life.

The celestial print is bright so I will determine later if it gets used as a four-patch or if an image is fussy-cut for use.

#4: "My quilt will be in pinks - the color of universal love of oneself and of others; representing compassion, nurturing, unconditional love and understanding."

I know that for the immediate needs, we can make financial donations, support the food banks, or collect items such as socks, shoes, school supplies, clothing, toiletries, etc. For the long term, I will put my efforts into sorting fabric from my stash and making a few quilts and pillow cases that can provide warmth and comfort. I will post updates here as my work progresses.

Contacting a Quilt Shop or a neighborhood Fire Station when my projects are completed is what I'm thinking to do. I just read that Jinny Beyer Studio wants to collect as many quilts as possible to send to those in need. As they did with Katrina, they will send those quilts to the various organizations in the affected areas that will handle their distribution.

I have also participated in Project Linus. Here is a link to The Linus Connection, in Austin, Texas.


A helpful online reminder: make sure that your donations are going to the people who need help. Learn how to spot Hurricane Harvey scams and price gouging. Here is the link to the USA.Gov website for Hurricane Harvey.

Has a particular story touched your heart and inspired you to sew or quilt a special project?



For more information and resources, please check out these additional links:

Hurricane Harvey - Texas

Hurricane Irma - Florida

Hurricane Maria - Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands


Bless you! Angie in SoCal 9/4/2017

Thank you, Angie. The Fours are cheering me on. I appreciate your support, too.


Oh my, those quilts are going to be beautiful. Beautiful quilts by a beautiful Angel for beautiful people. Thanks so much for doing this, and yes, be careful how you donate. Red Cross is a no-no, but local organizations are excellent - the animal shelters, local food banks, blood banks, Texas diaper bank, the Houston mayor's relief fund, volunteer center - as examples. Celine 9/2/2017

Thank you for taking the time to touch base, Celine. I will enjoy working on these four quilts for the beautiful recipients.

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