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"Women Sewing" by Henri Lebasque

While the paintings of Henri Lebasque may reside in private collections, many more are on display in public and private museums and institutions. The Post-Impressionist artwork is in the public domain so I am pleased to be sharing them here.

Henri Lebasque (French, 1865–1937) was was known as the "painter of joy and light."

The influence of Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse and Paul Gauguin are evident in the special paintings shown below. Additional information can be found at ArtNet's biography page for Henri Lebasque.

"Women Sewing" circa 1922

"Sewing on the Terrace at Morgat" circa 1922-1924

"Afternoon in the Garden" circa 1923

Did you notice that the women seated in the direct or filtered sunlight are wearing sun hats. That is something timely for us to remember - delicate skin needs protection - especially on these warm summer days.

"In early June the world of

leaf and blade and flower explodes,

and every sunset is different."

John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent

Enjoy these long days of summer!


Looks like Henri like to paint women sewing. Love the ones you shared. would make lovely quilts. Angie in SoCal 09.02.2017

Henri Lebasque painted women at the beach or seated in the garden or park. There is also a great selection of floral arrangements and still lives.


What amazing paintings! Rachel 08.13.2017

I really like his color choices in each of the paintings. And, of course, the subject matter drew me in.

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