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May's OMG - finished


The five-inch crystal bowl sat on my work table, providing inspiration and encouragement, as I sorted through remnants, ribbons, patterns on favorite fabrics from my stash in overflowing, colored bins.

I focused on searching for small sections of prints, not the overall pattern. Taking my newly created template, I positioned it over sections of fabric to see if anything, i.e.: flower petals, batik designs, backgrounds, etc. would fit into any area drawn. The template pattern was also traced onto muslin and served as my canvas.

Then, I found my starting point - the richly colored paisley shapes of Trieste: design #15710 by Studio RK for Robert Kaufman. Some of the larger shapes showed promise with fuschia and aqua scallops. The shapes weren't an exact match to the pattern that I had drawn, but they could be pieced. Once the outer shape was laid out and looked right, the pieces were glued to the muslin (with an all-purpose craft glue).

Working from the outer edges inward, I next found the green/gold/white tiny dotted dome shapes in Grand Majolica: design #15835 by Studio RK for Robert Kaufman.

Making the transition from the center toward the outer border was more difficult. The gold/black/white fan-shaped patterned fabric is one of my favorites - fussy-cutting worked as they were placed around the aqua center.

The small gold dingbats on aqua fit in the corners and cutting out a larger square worked well in the center. It became evident that a colorwash would be quite challenging so I pulled the black fabric to transition from the scalloped edges to the boxed-shaped inner section. I found a tie-died favorite with gold flecks and wondered what small strips would finish off the design.

As I searched for a deep maroon to possibly coordinate with the fuchsia scallops, I remembered C832 Moonlit Garden: Michael Miller Fabrics. The flowers were colorful but too large. However, I thought the gold fence posts with their black background might work nicely.

After several hours of cutting and snipping, piecing and gluing . . . my block was finally completed. I may cut around the border and place the block on a colored background before I quilt it all in place. Then, it will be stretched onto an 8" x 8" back-stapled canvas to hang on the wall.

The inspiration came from this 5" crystal bowl:

What was your project goal for May?

(A goal could be to finish a quilt but it could also be to attach a binding. Whatever it takes to help you move forward and make progress on your projects! And as long as the project involves a needle and/or fabric, you can link up!)

With June's OMG, we'll be halfway through Elm Street Quilts' challenge. Do you have the remainder of your projects lined up?

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Wow that is so beautiful. What a creative way to make a block. It is amazing what can inspire us to create isn't it? newsurfiegirl 6.10.2017

I was arranging some flowers the other day and really got to looking at the lead crystal vase I was using. Something caught my eye so there may be another project coming, newsurfiegirl. Stay tuned!


How Clever! Your artistic work is admirable! I love the finished look! Anita Jackson 6.1.2017

Thank you, Anita. I really am pleased with the way it turned out. Your Cancer Ribbon Quilt for May's OMG is beautiful. The colorful sashing goes perfectly with all of the ribbons. And the quilting makes it look so comfy to use.


That is an incredible piece of work! And I so enjoyed going through how you decided on what to put where. You have a good knowledge of what designers have done. Sharon 5.31.2017

I appreciate your comments, Sharon. It is sometime easier to write thoughts as we creatively go along than to remember to take the pictures.


What an unique and amazing quilt top. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish. Patty 5.31.2017

Thank you, Patty. I really enjoyed working on this month's challenge.

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