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One Monthly Goal - April 2017

"Come Fly With Me" is my April project for the Main Street Quilts: One Monthly Goal challenge. I purchased the pattern a few years ago at The Fat Quail Quilt Shop, located in Laytonville, CA. In February and March, a girlfriend used the pattern as inspiration for a cheetah themed quilt. This month, I've chosen it for my One Monthly Goal project.

The description of this pattern reads: "Big, beautiful flying geese weave a whimsical trail through this simple striated quilt top. Great contemporary look is equally effective with and without borders."

I am replacing flying geese with butterflies. The color palate will match one of the large panels (seen above), and the smaller butterfly border print (seen below).

Look at all of those weekends in April - five full weekends should give me enough time to piece the quilt top. That's plenty of time to complete April's OMG project!

Have you linked up, to Elm Streets Quilt: One Monthly Goal?

What is your goal for April?

(A goal could be to finish a quilt but it could also be to attach a binding. Whatever it takes to help you move forward and make progress on your projects! And as long as the project involves a needle and/or fabric, you can link up!)

Do you have a pattern that you've been waiting to use?


You should link this beauty up with Ann's Kaleidoscope of Butterflies (Fret Not Yourself) which she does every month, I think. Her last linkup was Apr 1 so you can get an idea. I love this fabric and think your idea of switching out the flying geese with butterflies is smart! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts 4.3.2017

Thank you for sharing the link, Mary. Whatever you call them . . . Butterfly, Kaleidoscope, Papillon, even Flutterby . . . everyone seems to love them.


What a great goal for April! Dawn 4.2.2017

Those are great paper-pieced elephants, Dawn, along with your other projects for April's OMG. "Happy quilting" to you.


Love the butterflies. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project! Patty 4.2.2017

Thanks, Patty. I'm enjoying pulling butterfly fabrics and am thrilled to have several full weekends in April to complete this goal.


This looks like a great project! I love butterflies! Laura 4.1.2017

Have fun making those shopping sacks for your April OMG project, Laura.


That looks like a nice goal for April! Love the butterfly prints. Sharon 4.1.2017

Love your patriotic color palate, Sharon! Good luck on your April’s OMG project.


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