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Vintage Button Cards

Although I have a large container full of buttons of various shapes and sizes, it doesn't feel right to pull these from their colorfully artistic button cards.

Three of the small missing buttons were likely used in a project years ago and the aluminum foil remains intact.

Clams/Freshwater Mussels were harvested for their shells to become "Genuine Ocean Pearl" buttons, (as seen on this card below):

Read about Mother of Pearl Buttons: A Uniquely American Triumph at Amy Barickman's blog. From her bio: She is a leader in the sewing, needle arts and retail crafting industry having sold more than two-million sewing patterns and published 80 books sold throughout the world. Her recent endeavor is the book “Amy Barickman’s Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion and Fun”, is already on its third printing since its release in September of 2010. Other best-selling titles include: “Indygo Junction’s Button Ware” and, most recently, “Hankie Style”.

Two larger buttons (from the tie and cuff) are missing from this Shirt Button card:

Where were buttons manufactured? A quick internet search describes a town situated on the Mississippi River, Muscatine, Iowa that was once the Pearl Capital of the World. If you find buttons and their creative button cards fascinating, schedule a visit to the Muscatine History and Industry Center - home of the Pearl Button Museum. Or, read about the history at KariPearls.


What a special collection of buttons. I have a jar of buttons that belonged to my Grandmother and I love to go through them as there are so many memories in there (she would reuse buttons from old clothes so many of them remind me of clothes she used to wear), but there are none still on cards! Rachel 08.13.2017

What a dear connection you have with your Grandmother through her button jar. There are times, Rachel, when I'll sort through my buttons for a particular one. While searching, I'll find a special button from a coat or a favorite dress or blouse and recall the fabric that it graced. It is said that a song can take us back in time - it might be the same for buttons, too.

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