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Sewing Machine Art - From The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's website tells us that we "are welcome to use images of artworks in The Met's collection that the Museum believes to be in the public domain, or those to which the Museum waives any copyright it might have, for any purpose, including commercial and noncommercial use, free of charge and without requiring permission from the Museum." All images of public-domain artworks in the Museum's collection are now available for free and unrestricted use.

A search for "Sewing Machines" yielded numerous works of art. Each photo displayed here celebrates someone's creativity . . .

Like this stone work from 1878:

And, this fascinating display wall of vintage sewing machines at AllSaints. (read more about their unique displays here):

Even this up-cycled garden gate that pays homage to the treadle sewing machine:

Or this professional Singer Sewing Machine store booth:

There were many sewing machine manufacturers (both domestic and international) in the 1850s through the 1900s. With these advertisements, we celebrate the illustrators, graphic designers and typesetters who created informational marketing advertisements:

As you know there are hundreds of images to sort through at The Met, so enjoy searching their database. Sincere thanks to The Metropolitan Museum of Arts for this special gift to all of us!

Have you written about sewing machine artwork? Please include it in your comment and we'll link back to your blog.


What a great resource. Thanks for posting about it. And I love that treadle machine garden gate! Ann W. 4/20/2017

I agree, Ann. That gate is so inviting - a kindred spirit lives there.

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